August 11, 2016

Business Support Program


The Business Support Program consists of a review of your organization (step 1) followed by coaching sessions (step 2).

During step 1 we conduct a brief scan, we analyze the results, and we present our findings using a compact report with issues for your organization.

During step 2 one of our experienced business coaches drafts an action plan together with you, and they will support you in realizing your business goals from here on.

Added value

The Business Support Program provides you with a valuable insight into your organization based on a proven easy accessible review. You will have your own coach who is available to you for all business questions. And you will have access to the expertise of one of our business specialists. You can count on answers, regardless of your question.

We agree on a fixed price, so you will know exactly what you pay for the program upon commencement. This price depends on the size of your organization, and the number of coaching sessions that you choose.

With the Business Support Program of Pobiner Enterprises Consulting you will bring out the best in your organization and yourself!

Practical advice that works can be made available to assist the owners of small to medium sized businesses in virtually every way possible. An Business Strategist is made available as a “business friend” to provide a “life line” to the supported company.

The type and level of support is specifically geared to the needs and objectives of each client’s business, based on a proven model from which countless businesses have benefited. In order to determine if a business qualifies, a meeting is arranged with an Business Strategist to talk with the owner. This meeting will include a confidential discussion about the challenges facing the business.

The first meeting is free of charge, and there is no obligation whatsoever. It is an opportunity to have a chat with another business person in complete confidence. If any ideas or improvement areas are identified, the Business Strategist may be able to point the owner in the right direction for the right help, but nothing is for sale during the meeting.